Location: Apra Harbor
Depth: 20-120'
Cert Level: Jr. OW - ADV
GPS: 13.26.5N, 144.38.4E
Access: Boat 

Dive Site Brief:

Veckies reef is located at the mouth of the harbor (south side).  Veckies reef is a nice sloping reef from 15' down to 60' then a nice drop off down to 100'.

Loaded with hard and soft corals this dive is a must!  keep an eye out for schools of barracuda, black snappers and the occasional dogtooth

Some divers here have even seen cuttlefish.  Also during certain times of the year you can see octopus mating. 

Keep an eye our for the current here as during certain moon phases the current can be very strong.

Diving Veckies Reef in Guam

CAUTION: Do not drift into the shipping channel. as this site is located at the mouth of the harbor.  The current can be very strong here so make sure to coordinate with your boat captain.