Location: Apra Harbor
Depth: 55'-110'
Cert Level: OW - ADV
GPS: 13.27.48N, 144.38.12E
Access: Boat

Dive Site Brief:

This Japanese warplane rests on a sloping reef along the Glass breakwater wall in Apra Harbor.  

The easiest way to find this wreck is to start at the eastern most barge at the barge reef and head east.  you will notice the reef cuts in close to the wall and begin your decent there.

The shallowest part of the plane fuselage is at approximately 60 ft. The plane lies upside down with its engine in 95 feet of water. Only one wing is still attached.The other lies approximately 20 yards to the east from the body of the plane


Keep an eye on your air and depth as it is a deeper dive, then its recommended to finish the dive exploring the barges above. 


Diving The Val Bomber in Guam

CAUTION: Keep an eye on your air and bottom time as the plane itself is in deeper waters.

Val Bomber and Jerry
Val Bomber Landing Gear
Val Bomber