Location: Northern



Depth: 10' - 100'+
Cert Level: OW-ADV
Access: Boat

Dive Site Brief:

Tumon bay (preserve), Guams number one tourist location, is an amazing dive.  Due to this being a "no fishing" area, you are able to notice an abundance of fish life.

Although it is accessible by shore it is highly recommended to do this dive only by boat.  Once outside the reef the current can be very strong, and swimming back in during low tide can prove challenging for even the strongest of swimmers.

Tumon bay is known to a high abundance of fish life, and many turtles.  Its a great dive to drift from directly outside the outrigger towards the hilton.  

Keep an eye out for schooling parrotfish, blue fin jacks, octopus, mantis shrimp, early rays, and the occasional black tip shark!

Diving in Tumon Bay Guam

CAUTION: When doing this dive make sure to have a safety sausage, know which way the current is going, and notify your boat captain.

timon bay
timon bay2