Location: Apra Harbor
Depth: 50'-120'
Cert Level: OW - WRECK
GPS: 13.27.34N, 144.39.23E
Access: Boat

Dive Site Brief:

The Tokai Maru was sunk via torpedo by the USS flying fish during WWII.  The Tokai Maru is resting at the bottom of Apra Harbor in 120' of water.

Resting on its port side the Japanese ship makes for a great dive for open water, advanced, and wreck divers.  

The main things to see on this dive, are the depth charges on the stern in about 70', where the bow gun used to be,  and the SMS Cormoran off the starboard side of the hull starting at 85'

Keep an eye on your air and depth on this dive and stay within your dive limits.

Diving th Tokai Maru in Guam

CAUTION:  Do not go into any overhead spaces that you cannot see an immediate way out of.  dive within your limits.

Tokai Forward
Tokai stern
Cormoran shaft in Tokai hull
Tokai Swim through
tokai forward
The SMS cormoran next to the Tokai.