Location: Central
Depth: 45' - 130+
Cert Level: OW-TECH
Access: Boat

Dive Site Brief:

The Crevice, located along wrote peninsula, is one of Guams most visited dive site located in-between Blue Hole and Barracuda rock.

The Crevice is a huge cut in the reef, with a Giant boulder in the center of it.  on the south side of the cut, divers can see a nice bright orange sea fan at 100'

Watch your buoyancy as the crevice can get very deep.  Once exploring the crevice, divers can head south and have a good chance of seeing grazing sea turtles and black tip sharks being cleaned.

It is not uncommon to see marble rays as well when heading towards barracuda rock.  In the event that you drift towards Blue Hole, watch your depth and it is Not Recommended to go into the hole, on this drift.

Diving The Crevice in Guam

CAUTION: This dive site is known to have current and is located inside a firing range.  Do not dive when there is a red flag above Sharks Pit.

The Crevice-3
The Crevice-2
crevice 2
The Crevice