Location: Central



Depth: 45' - 130+
Cert Level: OW-TECH
GPS: 13.26.11N, 144.37.33E
Access: Boat

Dive Site Brief:

Located at the entrance of Apra Harbor.  Spanish Steps is one of Guams most photogenic dive sites.  With a protected shallow reef area this dive site is perfect for snorkelers and divers.  


Snorkelers are able to access this site from shore via: naval base Guam, however it is NOT RECOMMENDED to to this dive from shore.  with the possibility of strong currents and it being close to the shipping channel, this dive should only be done by boat.


Keep an eye out for black tip sharks, octopus, napoleon wrasse, and schools of black snappers.  There is a boulder at 65' on the north side of the site (toward Veckies Reef), check under there for the occasional giant trevally.



Diving Spanish Steps in Guam

CAUTION: This dive is very close to the shipping channel and is subject to strong currents.  It is only recommended to scuba dive this from a BOAT.  

Scuba GU-2