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Dive Site Brief:

Sharks pit is located along the Orote peninsula just north of old wives beach on the navy base. It is not recommended to do this as a shore dive whatsoever.

The main attraction of this dive site is the pinnacle that starts at 90' and comes all the way up to 15'. its a great way to start/end your dive.

It was once used as a dumping ground for war machinery, vehicles, and for a while, garbage. The area is littered with debris including cafeteria trays, anchors, bottles, live ammunition, jeeps, wheels and landing craft.

The debris is located south of the pinnacle heading towards tarzan cave.

CAUTION: This location is at a point where the current sweeps around a corner. The currents usually run west to east but it's not uncommon for the current direction to switch mid-dive, so if you are drift diving plan this dive carefully.
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