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What to Expect!

 Most flights arrive at night via: United Airlines.  Upon arrivial you will clear immigration.  make sure to fill out your forms ahead of time as the line can get long.  Grab your bags and your Guide will meet you at the airport! Depending on your accommodations, your guide will get you to your hotel or liveaboard!  


When Leaving Palau, Make sure you have the exit fee of $100 with you on hand


**Do not leave your bags unattended**

Most of the accommodations have some

Wi-Fi capabilities, however do not expect to have full speed internet.  The internet is fairly slow and can take some time to load.


Must Hit Dive Sites!

-Chandelier Caves

-Blue Corner

-Blue Hole

-Turtle Ledge

-Pelilu Express 


During Your Stay!

- Participate in the Rock Island Tour!

- Make sure to eat at the Taj!

- Try out the local micro

-brew Red Rooster!

- Finish off the trip with a dinner at Elilai Grill and Bar!

- Visit the Milky Way with a rock island tour!

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