Location: Northern



Depth: 45' - 130'+
Cert Level: OW-ADV
Access: Boat

Dive Site Brief:

Napoleon Cut, is located along Ritidian point, just south of the dive site Ritidian Point.  The cut itself starts in about 20' of water and goes all the way down to 110'+.

At the bottom of the cut you can see sandpits and an occasional sleeping nurse shark.  along the northern bend of the cut you can see schools of fish such as: sweetlips, mangrove snappers and napoleon wrasse.

If you drift this site along the ledge, keep an eye out for schooling barracuda and eagle rays.

Diving Double Reef in Guam

CAUTION: When doing this dive make sure to have a safety sausage or SMB, sometimes there can be boat traffic on the outer reef as well as really strong current!

North Napoleon Cut
Napoleon Cut
Eel at Napoleon Cut