Location: Apra Harbor
Depth: 80'-140'
Cert Level: ADV-TECH
GPS: 13.27.29N, 144.39.11E
Access: Boat

Dive Site Brief:

The Kitzsugawa Maru was sunk during WWII and was hit by a torpedo from outside the breakwater wall (before the breakwaters construction).  

The Kitz sits upright in roughly 140' of water, and is one of the deeper sites in Apra Harbor.

One of the most Iconic things on the Kitz is the bow gun.   You can also see the shells in their case.   Also the first thing you will notice on your descent is the giant kings mast.  

The stern half of the ship is mangled and is basically broken off from the forward part of the ship. 

As this dive is deeper keep an eye on your bottom time and your air.  

Diving The Kitzugawa Maru in Guam

CAUTION:  Do not go into any overhead spaces that you cannot see an immediate way out of.  dive within your limits.