Location: Apra Harbor
Depth: 15' - 110'
Cert Level: Open Water
GPS: 13.27.48N, 144.38.12E
Access: Boat

Dive Site Brief:

Harley reef Is a Nice and Easy dive site for all divers to enjoy!  The harley itself sits in roughly 15 feet of water along the breakwater wall in apra harbor.  

There are multiple theories on how the harley ended up on the reef, so you can use your imagination while diving the site!  Starting in 15' with a nice sloping reef down to 110' it is a great dive site for all divers.


A great way to get the full Experience of the site, is to drift toward the mouth of the harbor 

possibly seeing the val bomber and finishing off at barge reef!  

Keep an eye out for coke bottles, octopus, and the occasional turtle on the reef!

Diving The Harley Reef in Guam

Reminder: Depending on the direction of the wind, its always a good idea to surface away from the breakwater wall to give yourself enough time to get back on the boat!