Location: Northern



Depth: 10' - 100'+
Cert Level: OW-ADV
Access: Shore,Boat

Dive Site Brief:

Gun beach is known among divers, as the highest concentrated area of manta sightings.  Although still rare, the sighting are mostly in this area.

Gun beach can either be dove as a boat, or shore dive.  When diving from shore, you must bring a float, and follow the "pipeline" out of the channel.  

This dive site is known to many turtle sightings, octopus, and manta rays.  The manta rays are sighted usually early in the morning and closer to shore.  

The hard and soft corals at gun beach allow for an abundance of fish life, including: red snappers, blue spine unicorn fish, and black snappers.

Diving Gun Beach in Guam

CAUTION: When diving gun beach watch your tide changes and swell, as it can be difficult and dangerous to get back inside the reef.  Always bring a float with you, when diving from shore.

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gun beach-2
gun beach