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Dive Site Brief:

Gab Gab 2 is located due north of the Gab Gab dive site. You can see the buoy floating roughly 60 yards off shore.

It's recommended when doing this dive from shore to surface swim out and to bring a diver below marker buoy.

Start this dive by Descending at the Gab Gab 2 mooring line and swim due north at 30'. Make sure to take a heading to return to the mooring.

When diving this site you will notice a large fish population due to the feeder buckets. Keep an eye our for butterfly fish, turtles, anemones and octopus.

CAUTION: Do Not approach the Atlantis submarine for any reason at all. Keep clear of the submarine. Bring a Dive Buoy and do not mess with the feeder buckets.
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