Location: Northern
Depth: 10' - 100'+



Cert Level: jr.OW-ADV
Access: Shore

Dive Site Brief:

Fisheye Marine Park is located in the village of piti, off Marine Drive.  This dive site is a great dive for all certification levels.

Registered as a marine preserve you will notice an abundance of fish life and coal.  when entering the water you can walk out underneath the pier and stay in the sand channel.  

Keep an eye out for all types of fish life from, blue fin jacks, mangrove snappers, butterfly fish, and the occasional turtle.

It's not recommended to feed the fish as there have been some "friendly" barracudas that have given a quick bite in exchange for a hot dog. 

Diving Fish Eye Marine Park

CAUTION: Keep an eye on the sure outside the reef as it can make this dive site unpleasant during bigger storms.