Location: Central



Depth: 15' - 70'+
Cert Level: OW-ADV
GPS: 13.26.31N, 144.37.13E
Access: Boat

Dive Site Brief:

Named after the barracuda resembling shape of the rock. This dive site is a popular one amongst local and visiting divers.  located along the Orote peninsula, dives of all certifications are welcome here.  

Ranging from the shallowest point at 10' to an average depth of 45', divers can experience the dive site at its full potential.  

Underneath the rock itself, divers can start the dive off with a 15' wide swim through and as you exit the back there is another small swim through that divers can experience 1 by 1. 

After circling the rock, the series of boulders from the north and south are popular areas for, marble rays, parrotfish, eels, and plenty of life.  

Diving Barracuda Rock in Guam

CAUTION: This dive site is located inside a military firing range.  When diving this site, keep an eye our for a RED flag at the point due south/above sharks pit dive site

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BArracuda Rock
Barracuda Rock-2