Location: Apra Harbor
Depth: 15'-110'
Cert Level: OW-ADV
GPS: 13.27.48N, 144.38.12E
Access: Boat

Dive Site Brief:

Barge Reef is located along the breakwater wall in Apra Harbor, Guam.  The barges were sunk during the construction of the "Glass breakwater wall".  


The barges are a nice shallow dive with multiple swim-throughs and plenty of coral growth.  The barges are in between The American Tanker and The Val Bomber, so if you do this dive site as a drift, there is a chance you may see more than one dive site.


CAUTION: :Keep an eye on your buoyancy and where you are swimming.  Some of the barges have debris hanging down, and you don't want to get tangled or stain your expensive equipment!

Diving Barge Reef in Guam