Location: Southern



Depth: 15' - 120'+
Cert Level: OW-ADV
Access: Boat

Dive Site Brief:

Anae caverns is located just south of Agat Marina and has a maximum depth of 50'.  

The cavern itself is fairly wide enough for one diver to go through at a time comfortably.  when swimming through the cavern, keep an eye on your buoyancy as to not kick up and loose silt or sand.

Outside the caverns, you will notice a nice shallow area with lots of fish life.  Keep an eye our here for octopus, starfish, and other shallow critters.  

When doing this as a drift always make sure to have a safety sausage with you, and a compass.

Divng Anae Caverns Guam

CAUTION: The current can be strong and pulling out towards open water and heavy boat traffic, so its recommended to have a Safety Sausage with you!

Keep an eye on storm surge, as it can toss you around in the caverns, so be cautious of your environment.