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The "Unsung" Guam Photographers: There are a lot of divers who take very good u/w pictures who never get a chance to show others what they've seen.  This page features some of them and what they've done.   I've limited these to hobbyists, not professionals that sell their pictures. 

SEND ME YOURS! If you'd like to show some of your pictures send them to me. But for the time being limit them to 25-30 pix. Big sizes are fine.   info@scubaguam.com.

Are you just starting with u/w pictures? Want to know how to take good u/w photo's: Stupid easy u/w photography.

Now, take a look at any of the photo galleries below and see if the simple rules in "Stupid Easy Photography" applied. "All ya gotta do is follow em, and voila, ya got good pix!"


Guam Photographers  Current Photo Galleries

New Diver Pictures at Dumaguete:   Dona Bushong   Sue Heiter   Toyoko Kang

New: Jim Miller Diving GabGab2  Sharks and Jacks

Jennetta Southhard  (non dslr)  Canon G-12 / Ikelite Housing & strobe

Sue Heiter Maldives  (non dslr)  Sealife 1200 and Strobe.  The whale shark was made of sand! the picture is in her gallery.

Truk Lagoon by John Dennett   (non dslr) Sea & Sea DX2G / Sea & Sea YS-110 Strobes

Malapascua's Great Attractions (Sony Nex 5)

Jeanne Jackson   (non dslr)  Intova camera

Pete Siguenza   (non dslr)   Sea & Sea 8000G, YS-27 Strobe 

Weird Critters in the Guam Sand. Jimmy Boggs specializes in finding very unusual and rare critters.  Usually he's laying in the sand or chasing fish we just glance at.  However, take a look at some of what we miss!  Then, try and figure out what they are.

Jeanne Jorgensen  (non dslr)

James McLeod (dslr)  Lot's of shots from Malapascua

Sachiko Bangs (non dslr)  Maldives Whale Sharks

Noriko Boggs (non dslr)  Canon G7 with internal flash

John Dennett  (non dslr) Sea & Sea DX2G / Sea & Sea YS-110 Strobes

Tony Cherbas (dslr)  Canon T2i / Inon Z-240 strobes

Pete Peterson  (video/still)  I stuck these in to show what you can do with a good video camera.  All are "grabbed" from a single frame of video.    Canon HF-S11 / Inon Video Lights.


Frank Robison (dslr) Olympus E-520 and Strobe

Randy & Keiko Bigbee   (non dslr)  Panasonic Lumix with internal flash

Jimmy Boggs   (dslr)  Nikon D80 and Ikelite Strobe

Sue Heiter  (non dslr)  Sealife 1200 and Strobe

Carter Gingrich   (non dslr)  Nikon L-20 and Ikelite Strobe

Rob Danielson  (non-dslr) Canon S-80 with internal flash

Jim Miller  (dslr)  Nikon D7000 / Nauticam Housing / Ikelite DS-125 Strobes


*dslr: Digital single lens reflex camera

*non-dslr: Generally called "point and shoot" cameras but many have features of the dslr cameras.

*video/still: a camera primarily designed for video but also takes stills.


 Sony NEX 5  / Nauticam Housing Camera Test Pictures.    It also takes very good full 1080 HD video.



WHAT'S THE BEST CAMERA?  Only one comment on this one. As you can see from the photo's there is very little difference between high end dslr cameras and some of the "point and shoot" models.  Once you get a good camera, it's all up to you!

By the way, the moray at the top touching the hand actually happened, and it was on purpose.  Ask Noriko at MDA how to do it